AllCast Premium APK Latest Version Download for Android

“AllCast Premium APK” is an Android Application which allows casting the files on your mobile to your television. In other words, this application allows the user to send photos, music, videos, movies and other files directly to your TV without connecting them with a wire connection. All Cast Premium APK is a paid app version of the free AllCast APK application from the legendary ClockworkMod developer team and Koushik Dutta. AllCast Premium has a lot of features which makes it stand above the Chromecast, which is also an app used for casting.

The key feature of the AllCast Premium app is its streaming support for locally stored content. This feature is not supported by the ChromeCast. The free version of AllCast is available on Google’s Play Store from where you can easily install and use it but there is a time limit with the free version on how long you can use the app to cast your Android’s screen on the TV. While AllCast Premium APK can cast for as long as you want. It is available for 5 bucks on the Play Store while our website provides you the link to download it for free. And it is ensured that the link is 100% safe and Trojan free.

Download APK (7 MB)

AllCast Premium can be used in conjunction with Chromecast as the controller app or to cast screen to a multitude of other devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you want to get away from the casting gadgets entirely, you can use AllCast to stream directly to your Smart TV from the Samsung, Panasonic or Sony You May also like Nova Launcher Prime APK.

Features and Permissions needed by Allcast Premium APK:

Following is the list of the features, permissions and the other requirements of the AllCast Premium APK to work properly and cast the screen of your Android phone.
• Internet connection is to require for the streaming from the Dropbox or Drive.

• WiFi or any other network state is required for the AllCast Premium to work properly

AllCast Premium APK

• Wake Lock is required for the keeping the Android device on while streaming. If the mobile’s screen sleeps the cast may get broken in


• AllCast Premium APK  can read and write External Storage of your mobile that means that AllCast Premium app can play from SD Card.

AllCast Premium APK

• The app can read your Android phone’s state which will be used for the premium license verification.

• The app also searches for the google account and saves it data on the google account. It can also be used for casting and playing directly

from the Google Drive.

AllCast Premium APK

• Log in to the Google Drive is necessarily important as it also acts as the user credentials.

• “AllCast Premium APK” is also subtitles supported. AllCast Premium lets you send photos, music, and videos from your Android phone to your TV. You many also like WhatsApp Plus APK

AllCast APK lets you Cast on:

• ChromeCast

• Amazon Fire TV

• Apple TV

• Xbox 360, Xbox One

• Roku


• Samsung, Panasonic and Sony Smart TVs

• DLNA Renders AllCast Premium APK

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