Nova Launcher Prime APK: Download Latest Version for Android

“Nova Launcher Prime” is the best launcher in the Android app stores. It highly customisable, performance driven, home screen replacement app. But what is even better than that is the “Nova Launcher Prime APK” which is a premium version of the launcher. “Nova Launcher Prime APK” is the top launcher for the modern Android which embraces its full material design throughout. Most of the phones come with a pre-designed home screen and it is the best solution for their users to get some change in their mobiles.

Nova Launcher Prime APK replaces your home screen with the one you can control and can customise according to the needs. It provides the user with various options such as to change icons of the apps, several layouts to choose from, various animations and more. There are already more than 10 million users using the Nova Launcher Prime APK on their mobile phones.

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For money “Nova Launcher Prime” is the best launcher app on the market. The Nova launcher has some very capable hands behind it. This launcher strikes a great deal of balance between incredible performance and highly customisable use. Not any of the launchers available have half of the features provided by the Nova Launcher Prime. And hence Nova Launcher Prime is the most polished an original customizable launcher for modern Android.

Nove Launcher Prime APK

Nova Launcher Prime APK Features

Nova Launcher Prime is an exceptionally personalized home display launcher as it is the very best launcher for Android that is contemporary, adopting materials style. The Nova Launcher Prime is complete during. The launcher replaces the home screen display of your smartphone with a single screen which you can customise and control easily. Several of the features provided by the Nova Launcher Prime APK is given as follows.

Pixel 2 Search bar: It allows the user to use the Google’s hot word search just by saying “Ok, Google” directly from the home screen.

Color theme: Allows the user to set the highlight accent color for the launcher. The colors can also be set individually for controls, labels, folders, unread count badges, drawer tabs, and background.

Icon themes: Icon themes can be changed for the launcher and thousands of icon themes can be found and downloaded from Nova Launcher Prime on the Play Store.

Subgrid Positioning: This allows the users a much better control over the home screen than the standard launchers. Nova Launcher Prime allows the users to snap icons and widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells.

Customizable app drawer: App drawers include custom tabs, horizontal or vertical scrolling and various custom effects.

Infinite Scroll: This creates a loop between the pages on desktop and drawer. Which allows the user to reach their favorite page faster.

Scrollable Dock: Nova Launcher Prime APK allows the user to create multiple docks and scroll between them.

Widgets in Dock: Docks can be used to store any widget, the user just need to place the widget in the dock such as placing 4×1 music player widget.

Import Layout: Nova Launcher Prime also provides the user with pre-designed layouts and allows them to import them. This includes the most popular launchers and also the one which came with your phone. Therefore there is no need to rebuild the desktop from the scratch because of this feature.

Gestures: Several gestures are available for easy shortcuts such as swipe, pinch double tap and more on the home screen to open apps and to turn on and off settings.

Unread counts: Nova Launcher Prime uses the Tesla Unread Plugin which enables the user to never miss any notification or message. Unread badge counts are available for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more.

Hide apps: Allows the user to hide the apps. The apps which the user wants to not to be seen by anyone or the apps which are never in use can be hidden in the Nova Launcher Prime APK.

Icon Swipes: Allows to set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders.

Scroll effects: More scroll effects are available such as a wipe, accordion, throw and more.

Fast: The Nova Launcher is highly optimised according to the device’s performance and hence it can work quickly and quietly while keeping the animations smooth, lag free and letting the user use the phone as fast as the fingers can move.

Restore: This allows the user to reset all of the Launcher’s settings back to the default.

These are features only available on the Nova Launcher Prime launcher. You cannot get these features with any other launchers such as Apex Launcher or Smart Launcher. Nova Launcher Prime is indeed the most amazing and cool launcher app. It is most popular with over 10 million downloads all over the world.

How to install Nova Launcher Prime APK

Downloading and using a launcher APK is just as similar to that of the any other APK. There are a series of guidelines which you will need to follow in order to get this Nova Launcher Prime running on your Android device. If you have already used and installed any type of launcher APK on your mobile phone, there are chances you may already know the procedure. In any case, it would be suggested by us that you should at least look at the procedure we are providing.

  1. Uninstall the previous version of any launcher installed on your smartphone, if any.
  2. Download the .APK file of the Nova Launcher Prime from the provided link. The link given is guaranteed safe and Trojan free.
  3. Install the Nova Launcher Prime on your android device.
  4. Run the Nova Launcher Prime app and enjoy.

Use and enjoy the fun of the new user interface of the Nova Launcher Prime on your Android device. Nova Launcher Prime APK is the best launcher in the stores which replaces your home screen with the one you can control and can customise according to the needs.

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