Popcorn Time APK Download (Latest Version) App for Android

Popcorn Time APK is an online movie and TV streaming website and app. This app allows you to watch several movies and episodes of TV series for free without having to download anything. Many of us are freaks about the new movies and TV series. We want to watch all of them but we do not have enough time to go to theatres or wait for their telecast and hence this app allows you to watch every released movie on your Android device.

Popcorn Time APK is just as similar to any other streaming app but it does offer many features which are unavailable for the other apps. This app removes the need for searching torrent and the downloading from your life. You just have to visit the app and search for the movie or the episode of the movie you want to watch and you will get the video ahead of you in an instant. Popcorn Time APK searches for torrents and increases their library every day and hence you can be sure to find almost every of the movie and the TV series on the Popcorn Time APK.

Download Popcorn Time APK (62 MB)

Popcorn Time APK is a very useful alternative for the subscription-based online streaming websites and apps like HBO online, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and the others. You have to pay a certain sum of money to get the monthly or yearly subscriptions of the other websites which provide the same services but for using Popcorn Time APK you do not even need to register yourself. You can use the services provided by the Popcorn Time APK for free for as much time as you want.

Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time APK provides you with a safe video streaming link and their website and app are made bug free with perfect maintenance. You do not worry about downloading a virus with the torrent files into your computer because now can watch it on a safe platform. Popcorn Time APK ensures that you do not get any trouble while watching the movie or the episode of a TV series.

Popcorn Time APK

“Popcorn Time APK” has searched for over millions of torrent links in order to create a library which is Trojan and virus free. Above all of that, the developers provide minor updates to the app for the various bug fixes and maintenance of the website and the app. In this way, it is made sure by the team of Popcorn Time APK that their viewers are not harmed in any way by using their product.

Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time APK provides you with the options in the various videos formats and videos qualities to choose from to play the videos of the movie or the episode of a TV series you want to watch. Popcorn Time APK has created several servers which provides you the online streaming with much interference and disturbances. If you a good internet connection, you will not even have to wait for buffering of the videos. By maintaining several servers, Popcorn Time APK ensures that there none of the servers is crowded. The app automatically suggests you the server with the strongest network in your area with the least crowd on it.

Popcorn Time APK provides you with almost all of the movies available to watch in English on their app and website from where you can search them using the keywords. The movies are also sorted according to their genre so that you can find new movies according to your likes and dislikes. Arrangements and sorting of movies are also done on the basis of their popularity, a number of views on the website and IMDb ratings. Popcorn Time APK is always searching for torrents of the new and old movies all over the internet in order to provide you with the almost all of the movies available.

Popcorn Time APK provides you with the facility to comment on the movies and episodes of the movies. Your criticism of the videos might help the other viewers to decide about a new movie prior to watching it. This will also help you to learn more about the new movies which you have not watched but are really looking forward to watching them. “Popcorn Time APK” is an amazing app for those who wants to ass their leisure time watching movies and TV shows without wanting to pay for anything.

Popcorn Time APK comes with its own integrated video player. The video player with the app provides you with a lot of ease to watch the movie or the episode of a TV series you want to watch. This integrated Video Player was designed for the only single purpose and that is to provide you with a very user-friendly interface to the app and the website. The video player provides you with the option to play, pause, stop, move forward 5 sec, move backward 5 sec, move forward 30 sec, move backward 30 sec and adjust the volume and the brightness of the video.

Popcorn Time APK not only provides you with the videos of the several movies and episode of the TV series but also their subtitles. The subtitles of the movie you like to watch are made available by the Popcorn Time APK. You can search for the subtitles and add them to the video. Not just that you can find the subtitles in your local language too. The subtitles for most of the videos are made available in English, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Russian, German and a few more. You can now drag and drop subtitles (.srt files) on the player to load them. This means you can now drag and drop an external torrent, and external subtitles to streaming it on Popcorn Time APK.

Popcorn is a very managed and user-friendly online streaming app which allows you to watch the moves and the episodes of the TV series for free. For the best user interface, the app has provided you with the option to marl the movies and the episodes of the series you have already watched as “watched”. This will help you keep a track of the episodes you have watched. While watching a long series you cannot watch all of its episodes in a single go and that’s when this option helps you.

Features of the Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time APK is indeed very useful and amazing online streaming app. If you are the one who likes to watch movies and TV series all the time then Popcorn Time APK is the best place for you. Even if now you are not satisfied with the app you must take a look at all the features provided by the “Popcorn Time APK”.

• Allows you to watch movies and TV series for free.

• Provides you with over 1 million options to watch. There are various movies and the complete seasons and episodes of the most popular TV series.

• Allows you to create a playlist and watchlist of your favorite TV shows and movies. You can also create a to-watch list where you can add the movies and TV shows you want to watch in the future.

• Sorts the movies and the TV series according to their genres, ratings, popularity, and viewership.

• Allows you to mark the videos you have already watch. In this way, you can keep a track of episodes you have already watched.

• Provides you with several online servers from where you can choose to watch.

• You can comment on the movies and the episodes of the TV series.

• You can change the quality of the video according to your internet connection speed. You can lower the video streaming quality in order to save your data plan.

• Popcorn Time APK provides you with subtitles of the movie of the episode of the TV show you want to watch. The subtitles are available in several different languages from which you can choose as you desired.

• Popcorn Time APK provides you with an integrated video player. This video player has all the shortcuts on your hands to provide you an ease while playing the video.

How to download Popcorn Time APK

• Click on the download link provided by the website. We ensure you that the download link provided on this website is 100% safe and Trojan free. No malware or bloatware will be downloaded with this link.

• Copy the downloaded file to your smartphone.

• Expanded the .zip file to extract the content inside it.

• Check that your mobile has the installation from unknown sources turned on. If not, please go to the Settings > Security. Now find the Unknown Sources and kindly Tick Mark on it.

• Tap on the.APK file of the “Popcorn Time APK” to install it. Tap on the icon of the game and enjoy.

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