Saavn Pro APK: Download Full Cracked Version Free Mod APK Android

Saavn is an app for the people who love music and don’t want to miss any of the new songs. The app lets you listen to any kind of music, any specific song or album at any time you desire. “Saavn Pro APK” provides you with the unlimited access to the all the songs in the world. It is a free access to a vast content of music and audio files which varies from Bollywood to English, from Indian regional songs to radio stations and exclusive audio programming wherever you go.

“Saavn Pro APK” has come up with the Offline mode in the app. This mode allows you to download the audio files, whole playlists and your favorite songs which you can hear later when offline. This saves a lot of your data and saves the data charges. You can also use the public WiFi to download the whole playlists and songs to further save your data charges. You can save several audio files and songs in the offline mode without any difficulty. “Saavn Pro” is the app which does not let any ads interrupt you while you are listening to the songs, unlike the original Saavn app.

Download Saavn Pro APK

“Saavn Pro” also allows you to create several customizable playlists which will allow you to group your favorite songs together from the Indian classical, Bollywood, International Artists, etc. you can also share your playlists with your friends and suggest them songs which you like. If you don’t want to create your playlist you can always listen to the expertly created playlists which have sorted the songs on the basis of their genre, artist, a region of origin, mood, etc. Saavn Pro APK can always deliver the perfect music for the mood at any time, anywhere.

Saavn Pro APK

Recently Saavn as developed a few groundbreaking audio programmes and podcasts with the help of the world’s best storytellers such as Neelesh Misra to give you access to the “Saavn Pro” Original content. This also includes several on-air talents across drama, mystery, comedy, and sports like Cyrus Broacha, Mae Thomas, and many more. Saavn Original content is the Saavn’s USP which has given the app a leading edge in the music apps market.

Saavn Pro APK

Saavn Pro gives you the advantage to follow your friends and favorite artists or channels. Following them will help you get the notifications about the new music content or any activity by the people you follow. In this way, you will never miss new content from your favorite music artists. Also, you will be able to share any song, artist, album, or playlist directly with the people you are following and chat with them in the personal messages. You can also follow any playlist to get notified when a new content is added to it.

Saavn Pro APK

Saavn Pro gives you access to over 30 million songs and audio files from the newest songs too hard to find classics. Saavn’s catalog includes tracks across Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. Not just these but Saavn Pro APK also provides you with a variety of content including, Bollywood songs, Bhajans, Ghazals, Kavita, Pop, Remix, Metal, etc.

Saavn Pro APK

Features of the Saavn Pro APK

  • Listen to free music anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
  • Allows you to play any song on demand online.
  • Create and save playlists of your favorite music files. More than one playlists can be made and managed by you.
  • Also provides you with pre-designed playlists which are made by the experts in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi and several other local and international languages.
  • Saavn Radio gives you access to all the radio channels in your range. Listen to the various radio stations using the app.
  • Music is categorized in the Saavn top charts. Browse through the different top charts to get to know about the latest trends and the music sensations.
  • Download your music files and listen to them when offline. You can use public WiFis to save the internet data of your postpaid plan. Offline mode can store various playlists and music files.
  • Saavn Pro APK is perfectly ad-free and there are no interruptions while you are listening to your favorite playlists and songs.
  • Audio downloads are very high quality and the download speed can reach up to 320 kbps.
  • No contracts or obligations are to be signed for using this amazing music oriented app.

Saavn Pro APK New Additional Features

  • The dark variant theme of the app is now even darker. This saves the battery of your mobile phone and works as the night mode. You need not worry about the light of your mobile flashing on your face when using the app in the dark.
  • My Music is upgraded and a few additional features are added to it.
  • You don’t need to organize all of your favorite songs, audio file, playlists, artists, and albums, you just have to add them in My Music and the app manages and organizes them magically for you. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • In the offline downloads, the search is also available. Search offline is a feature which helps you to search in between all of your songs, albums, and playlists in the offline mode. And hence you don’t need to manually search for the song you want to hear.
  • Shuffle all is the new feature which is also added to the Saavn Pro APK. This feature allows you to shuffle between all of the songs present in your My Music directory. Of course, you can shuffle in the specific playlist or album but this feature allows you to shuffle even between them.

Saavn Pro APK is a must have app for all the music livers because it not only just let you listen to the music but helps you to analyze the music trends, keeps you updated about your friends and favorite artist, listen to the radio and helps to create and manage playlists. Saavn Pro APK makes it easy for you to listen to quality music without any worries and tension on your Andoird phone.

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