WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version for Android

WhatsApp Plus APK is a new and modified version of the WhatsApp messenger app. “WhatsApp Plus APK” offers you several new wonderful features which are nonexistent in the WhatsApp messenger you use. This new and powerful messenger provides you with the features such as video calling, many privacy options, increased number of characters for the status and many more. We will be discussing all of these features here in this article.

There have been many updates and mod of the WhatsApp messenger but WhatsApp Plus APK is the one mod of the WhatsApp which provides you with all of the features which you need in any messenger app.

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WhatsApp Plus APK Security and Privacy settings options

WhatsApp Plus APK provides you with the best privacy features to make you feel safe while chatting with people. You can select to whom your DP, statuses, last seen, read mark and other social features of the app. As you organize the privacy options manually for each and every person in your contact list, you can also change them for groups and types of contact you have on your list. This kind of features can prove to be really very helpful for the people who are shy or introverts.

WhatsApp Plus APK

These privacy options are provided to make you feel more comfortable while using WhatsApp Plus. If you don’t feel secure while using the WhatsApp Plus messenger then there will be no comfortability in using the app and hence various privacy options are provided. Some of the privacy settings and options of this app are discussed in details to get you a clearer idea about the WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus APK

  1. Hide Online Status: this is a feature not available in the WhatsApp Messenger but in the WhatsApp Plus you can always hide your Online status from everyone or from the some selected individual. This privacy option will do not let the other users show your online mark beneath your name in the chats. This will give you the advantage to chat with someone and doesn’t let anyone else known that you are online.
  2. Hide Blue Ticks: Blue Ticks in the WhatsApp Plus messenger indicated that a person has read the message or not. If the double tick in the sent message turns blue that means that the other person has seen your message already. But if you want to hide the fact that you have seen the message in the case you don’t want to reply to some certain people, you can hide the Blue Ticks. Again, this option can be applied to everyone or to some specific contacts.
  3. Hide Double Tick: This is one another feature which is also not present in the WhatsApp messenger but WhatsApp Plus provides you with it. Double Tick mark indicates that the message was received by you and you can hide the tick mark using this feature. This will help you to avoid the questions for not viewing the message even when you received it.
  4. Hide Writing status: When in a private chat or a group chat, the person writing the message is shown at the online status place. In the group chat, there is no online status show but writing status can be seen by the other people in the group while you are writings message. If you don’t want people to see your writing status you can just hide it using this feature. This feature can be activated for specific chats or groups as well as for all the groups and every contact.
  5. Hide recording status: Same as writing status, the recording status is shown when recording a voice message. The status is shown both in the private and group chats. This status can also be hidden from specific contacts and groups or by everyone using this feature of WhatsApp Plus APK.
  6. Hide Blue Microphone: when you open voice, a blue microphone is shown to your contacts and groups. This can be hidden using this feature of the “WhatsApp Plus”.
  7. Hide View Status: if you don’t want people to know that you have viewed their daily stories, you can just hide your view stats from them. This feature works for every contact in your list.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Other than the various features of privacy settings, WhatsApp Plus APK also provides you with a lot of features to provide you an excellent service by a messenger app. In this way, the WhatsApp Plus becomes one of the most trusted and user-friendly messenger app in the app stores. Although you may be using most of these features in the WhatsApp application on your Android and iOs devices WhatsApp Plus provides you these features with a twist of easiness and comfortability so that using the messenger app becomes even more friendly for you.

  1. Sharing files: WhatsApp Plus enables you to share all kinds of files with your contacts and in groups. You can share all kinds of files including audio, video, pictures, e books and increase their size to more than five fold. This feature of WhatsApp Plus is a lot different from the WhatsApp you must be using right now as it offers you to share more than 10 types of types to share including the mainstream files such as audios and videos but also GIFs, excel spreadsheet, word document, powerpoint presentation, pdf, APK, e-books and many more. These files can be of the maximum size of 50 MB.
  2. Camera: WhatsApp Plus lets you directly use the camera for clicking photos and shooting videos. You can use the camera by giving the app permission to use it and then you can use it to click photos or shoot videos and send it to your contacts or add it to your stories.
  3. Gallery: Another permission WhatsApp Plus APK asks is to use Gallery. The app can reach the contents of the Gallery and make them available for you to send them to your contacts and groups. You can access all the photos and videos in the gallery directly in the “WhatsApp Plus” to share them.
  4. Location: WhatsApp Plus lets you find and share your location with other people in your contact list. Not only this, you can search any other location and share it through WhatsApp Plus. For eg., if you share your parking location of the Google Maps through the WhatsApp Plus, after opening the link the receiver will find the parking location as his own and can reach at that location anytime.
  5. Contacts: WhatsApp Plus can access your contact list of the phone to give you a list of people you can send a message to. To start a conversation you need their contact to be saved in your mobile phone beforehand. This helps to maintain your privacy of using the app so that no unknown person can be able to message you without your permission. You can also share your contacts in the chats and groups.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK

Following are the instructions are given by us for downloading and installing the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android Device. You should first check that your mobile allows the installation of apps from unknown source. If it is off then please turn it on in the settings. Otherwise, the APK will not be able to run on your device and install the Traffic Rider mod.

  • Go to settings>app>scroll down to WhatsApp messenger and click on it.
  • Then click on clear data and Uninstall Old WhatsApp messenger.
  • Now click the link given on the website to download the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device.
  • Once you are done with the download, and then open the APK file in the file manager of your phone.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the APK to install the game completely on your Android mobile phone.
  • Register on WhatsApp Plus with your mobile number and complete the registration with the OTP provided on that number.
  • Open the messenger and invite your friends to download it so that you can start messaging with them.

Download and enjoy “WhatsApp plus” for more of the new and amazing features in the same user interface of WhatsApp. This truly amazing updated mod of the WhatsApp which can be used in parallel to WhatsApp but will also provide you with all the amazing features and better user-friendliness. WhatsApp plus can be a goldmine for you if you want to use WhatsApp and does not want anyone else to know about it as it has a private server different from the WhatsApp messenger. And hence the people on WhatsApp will not be able to search you on WhatsApp even if they have your contact information saved if you have deleted your account from WhatsApp and created on “WhatsApp Plus APK”.

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