YouTube Red APK: Download the Latest Version App for Android

YouTube Red APK is an Netflix like special paid streaming service which users can access by subscription provided by YouTube exclusively in United States, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea. This application provides you with advertising free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube, offline play and background playback of videos on mobile devices, access to advertisment free music streaming through special Google Play Music, YouTube Red APK is more of a streaming service but besides advertisement-free streaming, YouTube Red APK has also participated with major networks and certain YouTube celebrities to offer YouTube Red originals series and movies which will be exclusive only to Red members. You may also like zAnti APK.

Although access to this content is included with the YouTube Red subscription in the countries where subscriptions are not available yet the users can purchase the individual episodes and movies through YouTube or Google Play Movies & TV.

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YouTube Red APK also surpasses the original YouTube in two more ways that affect how you watch videos. One of them is offline viewing and listening to the videos and music available on the YouTube. And the other is listening to the videos while the mobile’s screen is switched off, that is background playback. These two features are not available on YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming Apps for Android and iOS.

YouTube Red APK

YouTube Red APK is $10 per month subscription and only available in a few countries right now as listed above. You can sign up for a free one month trial to try before buy by visiting the YouTube Red’s landing page. Sign in with your Google account on that page in order to sign up for YouTube Red APK. During the start of this service, there were various products of Google such as Google Home Speakers had an offer with them of a six-month free trial of YouTube Red APK.

YouTube Red APK

Even though “YouTube Red” is a paid service there are various websites that provide ways to deceive YouTube thinking that you are a YouTube Red APK subscriber and lets you use the YouTube Red APK services for free. There is a Xposed module which needs your device to be rooted in making this trick happen. For this you are going to need your device to be rooted, Xposed Framework to be installed and install from unknown sources enabled in your mobile settings.

All you need to do is, search for YouTube Background Playback in the download section of the Xposed Installer app in your rooted device. Then swipe over to the Versions tab and select the topmost result to work with. Hit the download button next to the most recent entry. As the download will get finished, install the app on your device. Reboot your device after that to activate it. Also you can download from Blackmart APK Now you will notice while using the YouTube that there are no advertisements and you are able to play the videos even after hitting the home button or turning the screen of mobile off. Just make sure that your Xposed module and YouTube are always updated to the latest version in order to keep the functioning of the YouTube Red APK smoothly.

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