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“zANTI APK” provides you with cloud based reporting and walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety. “zANTI” is a comprehensive network diagnostic tool kit which enables you to do complex audits and penetration tests just with the push of a button. You can also understand it as an Android application which lets you penetrate through a WiFi network and lets you sniff packages from there. “zANTI APK” has proved to be an amazing tool for Android users.

zANTI APK was available in two forms before. One where a few features were available to be used by the users. And the other version was a paid version which offers all of the features of the zANTI APK for the use. But now, all of the features of the application are made available or free. You will not have to pay any sum of money to use the zANTI app and all of its features.

Download zAnti APK

zANTI APK provides you with online security which has become the very basic need in the today’s world. With almost all of our life is uploaded on social media and our lives are discussed in the private chats but we don’t know how much of it is really private. All of us surely do not want that our privacy to be revealed on internet and for that you can use the zANTI APK.


The ransomware attack which turned the privacy status of the world to a great risk and question the privacy and security of our online content. Hackers and crackers around the world can easily hack into your systems and can easy get to the content saved into your smartphones and PC. Attacks of the likes of Ransomware attack can completely destroy your privacy and can give access of every part of your computer to other people.


Online security is the main concern for most of us because our life depends on internet. If we have to get online on our social media accounts, we all want to be secured enough to know that our privacy is not revealed on the internet. But a very few people takes this matter very seriously and make efforts in the right direction for their own security. If you want to become more secure on the internet and do not know what to do than zANTI APK is the easy way for you. You can trust this app to give you the privacy on internet which desire.


zANTI APK is the solution for your protection on the internet as this application penetrates through the internet and scans every website you visit and searches every e mails you receive. The application finds all the loopholes in your internet privacy and notifies you immediately. If you get a malicious file through email you are notified before you open that file. Ad if the file is very important to open zANTI APK tell you about all risks related to opening that file.

zANTI is the perfect toolkit for Android platform which provides you with the highest security measures by penetrating through your internet connection and make sure that you visit malware free ad safe websites. This application will surely help the security manager of your phone to check the risk and danger level on your internet and WiFi network. zANTI APK is toolkit which will find the attacker and host sites for those attacker and will aware you about them prior to visiting them.

zANTI APK can also find the attacker which can hack into your system to get the data which is supposed to be private to only you. zANTI APK is a toolkit which is expert in network penetration tests and password cracking and hence it can easily find out the possible danger you might be facing due to visiting malicious websites or receiving emails.

Download and install zANTI APK right now into your Android smart phone in order to get your private data safe and secure and to make sure no malicious files gets into your system. Installing this application will also save you from the hackers and Trojan emails. zANTI can also save you from the high level threats as the likes of Ransomware. It also save your passwords and keep your privacy. You can download the zANTI APK from the link given with this article. We have made sure that the link we provide to download any application is malware and Trojan free.

zANTI APK Features:

zANTI APK is developed by the cyber security managers, and professionals to help your mobile security. It stimulates the malicious attacks on your network. This will make you able to perform various types of operation on your network to find out the malicious and dangerous scripts within the same internet connections.

  • zANTI APK will scan all the available MAC address on your network and check the valuability and much more.
  • It will help in finding loopholes within the system and the internet network
  • Will make you secure online, make sure your variability while on social networks.
  • Will fetch the dangerous script from your different Email accounts and Facebook accounts and notify you about it.
  • Will scan all the available address on your Internet connection to make you secure.
  • Will notify the dangerous Mac address or the person which is trying to reveal your security so that you can take the precautionary measures.
  • Service of each port and address scan.
  • Scan across the network.
  • Replace image.
  • Live watching of all the working and finding the malicious scripts and tools.

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